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6X Series Belt Conveyor

6X Series Belt Conveyor

Output size : 500-1200MM
Production capacity : 150-500T/H


Ambient temperature -20 ° C ~ 40 ° C, relative humidity below % 80, altitude below 1 km.


Mine, metallurgy, coal, transportation, electric power, building materials, chemical, light industry, grain and machinery industries, the bulk density of 500~2500kg/m3 is transported.

B6X series belt conveyor is a new generation of bulk material conveying equipment.6X Series Belt Conveyors are ideal for applications that require high stockpile capacity and excellent material transfer capabilities. 6X Series Belt Conveyors is based on extensive knowledge and industry expertise to maximize its ease of use and capacity in multistage crushing and screening applications. Additional features and options are available to optimize the conveyor for your needs.


1.Stable performance,cost effective.
Under the premise of ensuring product performance and quality, the R&D engineers have fully optimized the various components of the B6X, providing customers with stable performance under the premise of saving a large amount of capital investment.
2.Compact structure and adaptable.
In the case of extensive analysis of the traditional field application of the belt conveyor, the new generation B6X is more compact in structure and can be seamlessly connected with other host equipment of the company.
3.Reduce difficulty,high versatility.
In order to reduce production difficulty, production cost and installation difficulty, adapt to the rhythm of the market and shorten the product preparation cycle, the B6X design emphasizes high versatility and interchangeability.
4.Choose diversity,full function.
Under the basic configuration of B6X normal operation, different types of function configurations can be selected according to the different needs of different customers to meet the normal operation of the project.